How does Our Bridal Fund work?
  • Create a campaign and make it yours

    Our Bridal Fund allows you to create fundraising campaigns that you can include in your wedding invitations or share on social media. Our Bridal Fund can replace a traditional bridal registry (especially if you're raising funds for a honeymoon or wedding), or be used alongside the usual item registry for out-of-town guests who still want to give. Our free custom design tools allow you to create a campaign that's uniquely yours, and not a generic GoFundMe page, a paid "premium" Honeyfund theme, or a wedding registry straight out of the 90's.

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  • Add milestones to give towards

    Our Bridal Fund fundraisers allow you to set milestones - the tangible goals behind your fundraiser. Milestones are ordered from most important to least important, and as donors give to your fund they can see the items you're able to get. Funds are paid directly to you and don't have any restrictions, but setting achievable milestones helps your donors see what they're giving towards and adds a personal touch to your online fundraiser. Previous fundraisers have included everything from silverware and china, to items you can't include on a traditional registry like boat buoys and plane tickets. What you include is completely up to you!

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  • Donors can easily give from anywhere in under 30 seconds.

    Your cousins in Kalamazoo can give to your wedding from their computer, or that one friend can give on their iPhone on the way to the ceremony. Our Bridal Fund's fundraiser page is lightning quick and accessible from any device. Donors don't have to add registry items to a cart, or go through multiple pages to give - it just takes 30 seconds on a single page. Once donors have given, they can see how they're helping you reach milestones and can share the fundraiser with others, while the donation is sent directly to you.

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