Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected the most common questions and answers about Our Bridal Fund, how the fundraisers work, and what pricing looks like. Still have a question? We'd love to help. Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

General Questions (5)

The most common questions about Our Bridal Fund's fundraising pages.

How does it work?
Can I edit my fundraiser?
Do I have to buy the milestones I list on my fundraiser?
How long do fundraisers stay active?
Are there any penalties for not reaching our goal?

Pricing Questions (5)

Answers about pricing, fees, and how you recieve funds.

What does Our Bridal Fund cost?
How does the cost compare to other crowdfunding sites?
Do my donors get charged?
How do I get my donations?
How long does it take to receive donations?